Thursday, February 24, 2011

Super Junior’s Kim Kibum Got Inked?

It is known to many that a number of idols have tattoos inked in their bodies as a form of self expression, and joining the bandwagon this time is Super Junior‘s Kim Kibum.
After creating a Twitter account not too long ago, he has been updating his fans with tweets together with various pictures on what he has been up to lately. Since the group’s third album Sorry, Sorry, he has been taking a break while reverting back to his acting roots, and it is unknown until now if he will be participating in the band’s upcoming 5th album to hit sometime this year. Nevertheless, ELFs are still keeping their fingers crossed to see the idol grace the stage once again.
To his followers surprise, he tweeted two pictures of himself showing off a tattoo on his neck and left forearm as well as a couple piercings, which is very different to his flower boy image while he was still doing activities with his group members. With the pictures, he said “haha…look at it once before I wash it. it seems weird ㅡㅡ;;”. The numbers 110218 can also be seen, making fans curious as to what its significance for him is.
Luckily, it wasn’t a permanent tattoo, and so fans were able to breathe a sigh of relief after the surprise they must have felt with his recent uploads. According to hearsay, the numbers stand for the date he had the tattoo inked. To this, fellow member Heechul responded, “I want to try a tatoo too,” which caused Kibum to say “Because your feelings change too quickly you’d have to change your tattoo once a week.” Finally, Heechul said, “It’d be a relief if it was for a week ㅡㅡ,” drawing laughter from followers who read the exchange of tweets between the two.
So, what do you think about Kibum with tattoos? Does he pull of the “gangsta” look well, or should he just go back to his usual flower boy self again?

Source: ikmubmik
Translation: kpoptweets
Written by: eren

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