Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kim Bokyung is Ready to Accomplish All of Her Goals

Kim Bokyung first appeared on Superstar K but didn’t quite make it to the end, however she has not stopped reaching for her goal of becoming a popular Kpop idol.

Bokyung has a voice that appears to many listeners and is definitely something very captivating for the 20-year-old. She proved she had talent when she appeared on Superstar K, but unfortunately couldn’t beat out the competition.
Those who did manage to catch her on the show know that she did a fantastic rendition of Kelly Clarkson‘s Because of You. Now she’s released a digital track of her singing the song through music portals. It’s come to show just how much she really wants to become a professional in the world of music.
Suddenly she was signed with Song Music Entertainment Korea which allowed her to release her own album. The album titled the FIRST DAY with the title track of Day by Day was released in January. Now with her boost in popularity amongst fans she was able to appear on KBS and SBS singing the song Day by Day. Did you catch her performances?
“Although I graduated from college a few days ago, I feel like I’m going to a new school called ‘the world’. My short-term goal is to promote my name without the label of ‘Superstar K’ but my long-term goal is to become a singer who goes on stage a lot rather than on a TV show.”
Though she’s still new to the music industry she has the mindset of a veteran. It’s not something you see in many rookie idols, but something that should be looked out for in the future. Along with that she wants to encourage anyone who is looking to gain leverage in the music industry. She advises for those who want it to try hard, only see the good things ahead, and if you only see the negative in the world that’s what you’ll receive.
The singer has definitely come far in her life since she was a young girl. After he father left she was the one to help take care of her mother and younger sisters. She worked hard every day to gain the best for family. Like anyone in her situation she only seen the bad things that came from it, but one day she threw all those thoughts away as she gained a whole new perspective on life.
“I remember climbing up the mountain behind my house in the early morning because I didn’t want my family to see me cry. I cried really loud but when I stopped crying, I asked myself why I had thought about only bad things. That day, I blew away my extreme and lonely life, while watching the sun rise.”
At this point in her career she really wants to do well with singing. However, she also wants to become a good songwriter and hopefully meet her goal of stepping into the U.S. market by 2015. She’s not sure if she can make it by that date, but the goal is still set regardless of when it may occur for her. She even wants to do a world tour some day.
It seems like Kim Bokyung has her all set on this one passion in life. If she keeps her eyes set on her end goal, she’ll surely be able to accomplish everything.
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Source: The Korea Herald
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