Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun’s love line gains momentum

The plot for KBS’s “Dream High” has finally begun to thicken, as the love line between ‘Hyemi’ (Suzy) and ‘Sam Dong’ (Kim Soo Hyun)’ began gaining momentum in the sixth episode.

According to producers on January 18th, Sam Dong’s genuine love for Hyemi will finally be realized when she visits him in the hospital. In the fifth episode, Sam Dong pushed Hyemi out of the way of a falling flower pot, but got hit with it instead.  His courageous act allows Hyemi to finally understand his love in the sixth episode.
Sam Dong’s story has been a central point of focus for viewers ever since he dropped everything he had in order to head for Seoul in search for Hyemi, a girl who he fell in love with at first sight. For a while, Hyemi acted indifferent towards him and his one-sided love, but recent developments have begun to open a window of hope for Sam Dong.
Viewers can now look forward to seeing how their relationship will change, especially now that it’s becoming a love triangle between Suzy, Soo Hyung, and Taecyeon.
Meanwhile, “Dream High” managed to record a 15.5% viewer rating on the episode broadcasted on January 17th, coming in at first place for its time slot.

Source: Star News via Nate, allkpop

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