Tuesday, January 18, 2011

IU Admits That She Is Afraid of Her Popularity Declining Someday

IU recently admitted what she is thinking about her new popularity, saying, “popularity nowadays is like bubbles.”

In SBS‘s Night Line broadcast on the 18th, the kpop singer revealed that: “I am most afraid of the fact that someday, my popularity ‘bubble’ might pop.” The host continued to ask when she is able to totally feel her popularity. She replied with a smile on the face: “When many fans cheer for me, and when I receive contracts for commercial shootings.”
She continued: “I received so much love in such a short period, and what I am afraid off is when I might lose all of these. Compared to my real capabilities, I think many had seen me as a more talented person than I am. That is why I afraid that one day, this ‘bubbly popularity’ will disappear.” The hosted continue to ask: “If you were given a day off, what will you like to do?” IU immediately answered: “I would like to sleep.” This has showed that she is having a busy schedule recently.
Besides that, she is also asked of the question, what she will choose if she were to choose one from acting, singing and attending variety shows. She replied: “Singing of course.” She then continued: “Recently I participated in the drama ‘Dream High’ and the variety show ‘Heroes’. However, I am able to be in part of these due to the fact that many people loved IU as a singer first. Therefore, I hope to become a good singer.”
IU will dedicate her time for “Dream High” after her kpop album promotions end.

Source: JOINS China, tvbanimeonline.com
Translation: plexion@kpoplive.com

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