Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Select KARA Members To Leave DSP?

Four of five KARA members have stated their desire to ending official contracts with DSP Entertainment due to ‘fiduciary relations that cannot be solved’.

KARA members Han Seungyeon, Nicole, Kang Jiyoung, and Goo Hara have decided to part ways with DSP Entertainment, while Park Gyuri will be staying under the company. The four members said the biggest problem was a fiduciary relation that could not be solved between themselves and the company, stating their request to leave. The law firm in charge of KARA’s legal relations, Landmark, stated on the 19th, “Despite KARA receiving much love going back and forth between Korea and Japan, the members have been hurt to the point where it cannot be explained, leading them to make this decision. They swallowed this hurt for a long time, but they decided to do this to protect themselves and their future.”
They continued,
“We did everything we could to settle things with the company before it came to this case of KARA leaving DSP, but they continued to force and insult their character making the members go on with unwanted promotional activities. Without explaining anything to the members, they signed various contracts on behalf of the members without notice. The mental pain experience by the members through this cannot be explained, and it is to the point where they cannot help but think that their efforts have been for nothing. This is what lead them to stating their wish to end their official contract.”
Landmark added,
“While the relationship between a management company and their singer is based on trust, DSP used KARA as another way to get money. When it comes to promotional activities, they were never discussed with KARA, and decisions were made randomly within the company. They constantly rejected any requests for explanations, and has come to the point where the singer and management company cannot reconcile.”
DSP Entertainment didn’t keep still on this matter and also stated, “We have no idea what went wrong, and where it started. We have not digested anything yet. We will make an official statement soon.”

Source: Jang Joo Young @mk.co.kr / Park Young Woong @mk.co.kr, tvbanimeonline.com
Translation: ch0sshi @kpoplive.com

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