Monday, January 24, 2011

Seungri seeks Mun Hee Jun and Son Ho Young for advice

There are a lot of people who will want to drag you down from that place. I hope that those things that happened to us won’t happen again’
This was the advice that Bigbang’s member Seungri heard from Mun Hee Jun, the ex member of HOT, and Son Ho Young, the ex member of GOD.
Mun Hee Jun and Son Ho Young have gotten through the disappointment of not being able to continue their activities with their past group that used to have very big popularity, and now they’re giving Seungri advice to make him realize Bigbang’s values. Not only that, the concern of disbanding that might happen to Kara because of their contract issues with the company can be an example too.
Seungri is interviewed by SPN on last January 14th in the filming set of his new solo album’s title song MV, VVIP.
Seungri said that after he got out from MBC Happy Sunday ‘Enjoy Today’ on October last year, he started the preparation for his solo album and Bigbang’s album, and when he got the time he’ll meet with his seniors to receive advice about entertainment activities.
Seungri told us that “The seniors said, ‘although we want to go back to that place again but we can’t’”. Mun Hee Jun and Son Ho Young are now over 30 years old. Their words perhaps mean that now they’re too old to do singing while dancing just like what they’ve done before in their group. But practically it can also mean that it’s impossible for disbanded group to reuniting again and doing activities together.
Seungri also said that his sunbaes told him that ‘you can’t stay in the same place like where you are now forever’. It contains a message that after years passed Bigbang’s popularity will also change and this team won’t last forever, so you should focus in your present activities now as Bigbang.
Seungri explained the reason why he wants to meet them, “I want to be a more mature man, so I seek the seniors to hear their advices,” he said.
Source: | 비타민GD@bbvipz
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