Monday, January 24, 2011

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Multi-tasks On The Plane

Kpop idol group MBLAQ‘s main vocal, G.O, has just posted a photo of fellow member Lee Joon through Twitter while in the plane from their Dream Of Asia concert in Taiwan alongside with other kpop groups Super Junior, BEAST, 4Minute, and 2PM.

Lee Joon 20110123 GO's Tweet
With the photo above, which shows Lee Joon doing two tasks at the same time, G.O tweeted, “Joon ah.. No matter how busy you are you should eat before playing games, games or eating, choose one of out the two..”
Seems like Lee Joon does this a lot. Has he always been like this, or has this just started since he became busier with more projects?
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Source: MBLAQGO,
Translation by: Choi Yoori
Written by: sillylollipopgirl

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