Monday, January 24, 2011

MBLAQ’s Dorky Answers To Fans During Their Twitter Fan Meet

Kpop idol group MBLAQ recently did a Twitter Fan Meet via MK StarToday‘s Twitter account.  Before they performed for KBS Music Bank on January 21, the group started answering some questions from their curious fans.

Fans went crazy trying to flood tweets for MBLAQ when it was already time for leader Seungho to start. Some questions for him were about dating women. He said that age doesn’t matter for him regarding the person he likes, and that he would preferably date a girlfriend in a theme park. He revealed things such as He’s the closest to Junhyung of BEAST; G.O. is the MBLAQ member who doesn’t have double eyelid; and he doesn’t have a D-line body like that of a yakuza!
The next member who answered fans’ queries was maknae MIR, who ended up almost every tweet with “ㅋㅋㅋ” (“kekeke” – laugh). He answered the most number of queries since he tweeted faster. He told fans that being hyper is his second life, and that he really loves it when fans came cheering for them during their performances. The maknae also thinks that Lee Joon is the most popular member of MBLAQ, and revealed that he’s very good in playing the Jangsung Apple game.
The third one was Thunder, who answered only few fans’ questions, possibly due to the fact that too many people were tweeting him. He revealed that his sister Dara of Kpop female group 2NE1 and him never fought, and said that Park KyungLim is like a mother to MBLAQ.
G.O. tweeted next. He interacted with his fans like they were his friends. He greeted a fan who’s celebrating their birthday, and said, “I love you too” to a fan who said she loves him. He also showed his humility by answering a fan’s question of when he became handsome saying, “It’s because of the make up..kekekekekekekeke”. When asked if he wanted to be MBLAQ’s leader, G.O. was full of compliments for Seungho, commenting, “Seungho is really doing a good job as a leader”.
The last member who tweeted the fans was Lee Joon. His answers were the dorkiest. To prove, below are some of his tweets during the Twitter fan meet:
Fan: If a girl is over 50kg, is she fat??? please reply ㅠㅠ I really, really want to know keke.  Joon: I don’t know since I’m not a just have to look good.
Fan: Lee Joon oppa, I love you! Will you marry me?   
Joon: Are you an adult?
Fan: Joon oppa, make a Twitter ㅠㅠ I love you, Lee Chang Sun ㅠㅠ
Joon: I hope that Twitter’s popularity is going to end soon…..
Those who have been tweeted by the Kpop group MBLAQ can consider themselves lucky. It’s such a great idea that MBLAQ used their  “Twitter Fan Meet”  as an opportunity for them to interact with their fans, especially those who aren’t able to create an account on MBLAQ’s official Daum fan cafe.
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Source: mkstartoday and StarToday,
Translation by: t00tme + seunghoeyecandy
Written by: sillylollipopgirl

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