Monday, January 24, 2011

2NE1 Members Show Off Their Motherly Sides For Charity

Currently taking a break from the kpop music scene, 2NE1 members recently visited orphaned and abandoned children with Jinusean‘s Sean.

2NE1 was able to take time from their schedules in order to visit and play with children from the organization, Holt Children. Jinusean’s Sean was able to share moments from their visit to fans through his personal twitter account.
Holt Children, a Christian organization, helps orphaned and abandoned children to have a brighter future through adoption and welfare programs. Sean’s exposure of the visit will naturally open a gate for donations and visits to the charity from fans and netizens. The images that were shared have moved fans as they get to see another side of their favourite kpop idols. Check out the images below:
365Days of Love Sean1월19일2ne1멤버들을 데리고 홀트아이들일시보호소에 갔다 아이들은2ne1누나들의 손길이 마냥 좋았고 2ne1은 작은천사들과 행복한시간을 보냈다 오늘도작은실천한가지
365Days of Love Sean, on the 19th January, 2NE1 members went to the Holt Children’s Home. The children were happy while holding on to their hands. Spent a great time with the angel-like 2NE1. They did a kind deed today.
민지가 가장 먼저 홀트 일시보호소에 있는 작은천사를 재웠다^^
Minzy made the angels fell asleep in Holt Children’s Home^^
다라가 두번째로 작은 찬사를 재웠다 왠지 어린이 다라고 같이 잠들 분위기^^
Dara made the second angel fell asleep, looks as though they were sleeping together ^^
CL은 아이와 웃으면서 같이 잠들었다 다른 아이와 너무 열심히 놀아줬나?
CL fell asleep with the baby because they were laughing so much. Maybe because they spent their time playing along with the babies?
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