Thursday, January 20, 2011

Landmark reveals official statement on the stance of the three KARA members

The controversial contract termination saga continues, as the parents of three KARA members (Nicole, Han Seungyeon, and Kang Ji Young) revealed their official stance through their legal representative, Landmark.
On January 21st, Landmark stated, “The parents of the three KARA members came to our law firm and revealed that they would like KARA to remain as five.”
“The most important emphasis from the members’ perspective is KARA’s activities.  KARA’s parents want a professional management company they can trust, and the members want a relationship with an agency that is not hierarchal, but one that works around trust and integrity.”
The representative continued, “The current situation is a problem between the members and the agency, there are definitely no problems between the members themselves.”
Landmark also sent a message to DSP Media stating, “Stop trying to divide the members.”
The following is Landmark’s official press release:
“We want “KARA as five members”
On the evening of January 20th, the parents of the members who sent a termination notice of their exclusive contracts with DSP Media on January 19th (Jung Nicole, Kang Ji Young, Han Seung Yeon) met with our legal representative and agreed on the following stance.
1. Both the members of KARA and their parents would like “KARA as 5 members”.
The KARA members genuinely desire for KARA to stay as five members and continue with their activities as a five-membered group. There may be legal problems regarding their relationship with their agency, however, the members believe that their fundamental priority is to continue as five and promote as one team.
2. Both the members of KARA and their parents believe that “KARA’s current activities are the most important priority; the problem with their company is secondary.”
From the members’ perspective, the most important matter is “KARA’s activities”. To them, this is their primary priority, and the management company’s key role is to support their artists’ activities. The artists are not the company’s subordinate. This is the core issue.
3. Both the members of KARA and their parents “desire a management professional who they can trust.”
KARA has stated that they “would like a professional celebrity management company that can be the support of all of KARA’s talents and capabilities.” They believe that ‘trust’ and ‘expertise’ should be the tenets of any celebrity management company. In addition, the members do not want a vertical hierarchal relationship with their agency, but a horizontal cooperation based on trust and faith.
We have already pointed out many times that the current agency lacks both expertise and trust.
4. Both the members of KARA and their parents want “DSP Media to stop trying to divide the members immediately.”
KARA states, “The current situation is a problem between the members and the agency, there is definitely no problem between the members themselves. There is no discord between the members at all, but the company keeps intervening by calling the members personally and deliberately trying to divide the members. We truly want them to show integrity in their acts for the sake of the members.”
Lastly, KARA stated, “DSP Media’s “second official statement” on January 20th is meaningless. We have more evidence than they think.”
Source: Star News via Nate, allkpop

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