Thursday, January 20, 2011

KARA’s Seungyeon’s father believes all five should remain together

The father of KARA’s Han Seungyeon revealed that he didn’t want his daughter’s group to disband through an interview on January 20th.

Reporters of TV Report visited his home in order to hear his side of the story, and although he refused the interview at first, he later agreed and stated, “First of all, although I knew that talks regarding their contracts were going on, I did not think that the issue would escalate to this level. Seungyeon has told me from time to time that she was tired, but I didn’t think much of it.”
He continued, “I received a phone call from Seungyeon on the 19th and all she did was cry. I think it was because things weren’t developing the way she had thought at first, and now that the issue is out of her hands, she was afraid to find a way to overcome it.”
When asked what he thought the members’ biggest problems were with DSP Media, he responded, “There’s a lot, but I think the main is that there’s no order. As much as KARA is being acknowledged for their efforts, the support isn’t following through.
He further explained that the company would spontaneously schedule a B-level activity, and give up an A-level activity in order to fulfill their appearance on the B-level activity.

He also stated that the lawsuit is not because of ‘money problems’ or the rumors regarding a new agency offering them better contracts.  Han explained, “I don’t want to discuss monetary issues right now, as it isn’t even the proper time for that. If DSP is unjust, I’d rather they just end their contract as opposed to move to another agency.  It’s something that cannot happen.
Han expressed his concerns for Kamilias, KARA’s fanbase, by stating, “How can a singer exist without fans? What’s most disappointing is that the members think importantly of their fans, but they’re receiving criticisms saying that they’ve lost their loyalty. I am unsure as to how to clarify that.
He continued, “I once told Seungyeon to give up the chaotic entertainment industry and to just go back to studying. Whatever path is right, and whatever decision is the best, I just hope that the issue is resolved with wisdom.”
When asked what he thought the ‘right path’ was, he answered, “Doesn’t everyone know what the right path is? It’s for all five members to remain together. A lot of people compare the case to TVXQ, but KARA is still a beginner. Whether they stay together or leave, I don’t think it’s right to promote as separate groups. Whatever the case, I believe that they should remain together.
Han concluded, “I think the priority right now is to figure out what exactly is the problem, and whether it’s something that can be fixed. I need to meet with the other parents to hear what they think. No matter what someone does, bringing something to a successful conclusion is a must, and as a parent, that is what’s most disappointing.”

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