Thursday, January 20, 2011

KARA’s composer refuses to work with KARA “if it’s not with all five”

The producer behind KARA’s representative tracks (“Pretty Girl,” “Honey,” “Mister,” and “Lupin“) has expressed his opinion on the contract termination lawsuit filed by three members of the girl group.

On January 19th, composer Han Jae Ho wrote through his Twitter:
It’s been a tiring day. Last year, it was so fun and joyous being able to watch them go up step-by-step; each day was so full of energy. This year, we’re off to a rocky start. Just like how something good happens after something bad, something bad must happen after something good.
For me, I don’t believe the issue to be as severe as reports are making it out to be. I believe that KARA will not be disbanding under any reason, and it’s so apparent that those five kids want to stick together. Why must such reports be made?
Just a day ago, the members of KARA were working hard and having fun – they were all doing fine. The ‘mass comm’ likes picking fights… Vigorous articles are flooding it now.
I believe that KARA isn’t KARA without five members. If it’s not with all five, I refuse to work with anything regarding KARA.
I hope that today ends as a bad dream for something bigger and better, and I hope that we can dream of rising up once more, just like yesterday.”

 Source: Newsen via Nate, allkpop

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