Thursday, January 20, 2011

KARA’s Nicole, Seungyeon, & Jiyoung’s parents reveal their meeting

The parents of KARA’s Nicole, Seungyeon, and Jiyoung are currently preparing to release statements on the hardships their daughters were forced to endure, as well as details regarding the alleged irrational income distribution by DSP Media.
The parents met in an emergency meeting on the afternoon of January 19th and revealed that representatives of DSP were trying to meet with each of the members in hopes for reconciliation.  Unfortunately, the parents revealed that it would be impossible for them to cancel their decision to terminate their contracts.
In an interview with Newsen, they claimed, “Right until the girls declared that they would be parting ways with the company, they continuously asked for clear and transparent income balances, as well as communication, but DSP refused the requests.  Why else do you think they would leave the company that raised them into who they are?”
The parents claimed that they requested for documents regarding the income the girls brought in in Japan, but the company delayed the sharing of such information with excuses such as, “There’s nothing balanced yet” and “Please wait until the appropriate time.“  When an opportunity for communication was finally opened, the company brought out balance documents that were difficult to understand, deepending the distrust between the two parties.
One member’s parents exclaimed, “Is such a contract that only gives $3,000 per person for dancing the ‘butt dance’ in Japan fair?“  They also revealed that the girls were put in saunas to sleep because of their busy drama filmings.
Another continued, “KARA released ‘Jumping‘ late last year, but there were barely any schedules for their Korean fans, and DSP Japan were busy working the girls to film ‘URAKARA‘ for their own profits.  There were a lot of unexplainable circumstances, such as the girls being put to sleep in a sauna one night.”
All three parents exclaimed, “The company is prospering with the income that is being made, while the kids are getting bloody noses from fatigue.  This reality cannot continue.”
Regarding members Park Gyuri and Goo Hara, who both are not taking part in the lawsuit, the parents revealed that Gyuri’s parents were “walking a different path from the other girls since three months ago,”  as Gyuri’s parents failed to show up at a parental meeting held last November.
Asked about the rumors of another entertainment agency offering the girls better contracts, they revealed, “We can’t say anything, as the parents don’t discuss such internal things.  What we’re sure is that the three members will not be able to repair their relationship with DSP.”
Source: Newsen via Nate, allkpop

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