Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kim Jang Hoon embraces Taeyeon at the ‘Seoul Music Awards’

Singer Kim Jang Hoon is garnering attention for unexpectedly drawing SNSD’s Taeyeon into his arms and hugging her during the Seoul Music Awards this year.

When Psy won the award for best album, Kim Jang Hoon joined him on stage for a powerful celebration performance. While singing “I’m a Man,” Kim Jang Hoon descended into the crowd of jubilant idols where SNSD and others were cheering.
Taeyeon put out her hand in admiration just as any fan would, and in response Kim Jang Hoon put his hand around her head, drawing her close for an embrace that not only shocked fans, but also Taeyeon as well!
He explained, “It’s okay because it’s an award ceremony,” while Psy responded laughingly, “You’re being an old man.”

Source + Photo: Newsen, allkpop

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