Sunday, January 16, 2011

F.CUZ’s Jinon is interested in After School’s Lizzy

The boys of F.CUZ just can’t seem to resist that After School charm, it seems. Earlier, member Kan revealed that he gets encouraged by the sight of Raina, and recently, his groupmate Jinon confessed that he’s interested in Lizzy.
During his interview with Sports Today, Jinon said: “Recently, After School’s Lizzy is coming off as likable. I bump into Lizzy at the broadcasting station once in awhile, and the moment I put my head down to bow, my face turns red. There were many times where I just left because I got embarrassed when I raised my head back up. I like innocent looks like Lizzy’s. Her accent is especially charming. I want to be good friends with her.” Just for jokes, who do you think the next F.CUZ x After School pairing will be?

Source + Photo: Sports Today via Daum,
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