Sunday, January 16, 2011

“Dream High” transforms into SNSD for a street performance

The four leads of “Dream High” - Suzy, Kim Soo Hyun, Ok Taecyeon, and IU - transformed into SNSD for their very own street performance.

‘Jin Guk’ (Ok Taecyeon) visits an old friend who is suffering from depression, and comes up with a plan to help him feel better.  ‘Hyemi’ (Suzy)  joins ‘Jin Guk’ in his street performance and attempts to step outside her prejudice against pop music.
Meanwhile, ‘Sam Dong’ (Kim Soo Hyun) showed off his hidden dance skills by joining the street performance alongside ‘Pil Sook’ (IU), who finally underwent her transformation into a beautiful swan.
Their SNSD performance can be seen on the episode scheduled for broadcast on January 17th.

Judging from the photos, which dance do you think the four decided to tackle?
Source: Newsen via Nate, allkpop

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