Monday, March 7, 2011

Taeyeon’s Photos From DJ Days Garners Attention

A fanmade video of SNSD‘s Taeyeon was uploaded to an online portal recently and it garnered a lot of attention.

The video consists of many photos taken during a radio show used to be hosted by Taeyeon, MBC FM4U‘s ChinChin. In the photos, Taeyeon was not wearing the usual sparkly, glamorous performance outfits but were seen in casual clothes and glasses, which brings out her natural beauty.
Other SNSD members, guests and staff from the radio show were also seen in the video, usually with funny faces or poses. The friendly and playful poses with guests shows the nice and friendly side of the dorky leader.
Taeyeon started hosting the radio show with Super Junior‘s Kangin until he left in April 2009, where she hosted it single-handedly until April 2010.
In addition, the video uses Shinhwa‘s Pretty as the background music, which fits the photos well.
Netizens were impressed by the photos and left comments such as “Taeyeon looks prettier in her natural outfits”, “Taeyeon is really pretty!”, “I miss Taeng DJ” and so on.
Taeyeon will be celebrating her birthday on March 9 so let’s wish her an early Happy Birthday!
Meanwhile, check out the fanmade made video of Taeyeon below!

Source:, TV Daily
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