Monday, March 7, 2011

Fan Apologizes to Super Junior’s Heechul for the Throwing Incident

After the incident in Shanghai, the Super Junior members including the victim Heechul, already revealed their feelings through their respective twitter accounts, asking fans to be more careful next time. In turn, the fan who reportedly threw the fanboard on stage which hit the member posted an apology to him and to all the fans of the group.
The alleged fan, through her Weibo account, expressed her deepest and sincerest apologies to Heechul for having committed such an act which eventually caused an injury to the member, and for alarming not just the members and the concert crowd, but also every single supporter of the Super Junior fandom all over the world.
The following are the aforesaid fan’s statements:
There was a girl who asked me why I didn’t immediately come out and apologize, I’m sorry, at that time I was already stunned (or maybe I’m *brain damaged in the first place). Walking around the streets, I cried sometime, couldn’t hail a taxi, I walked really far and found a webcafe, and wrote my apology. I know everybody will still not forgive me, everybody please do scold me!!
Although my intention wasn’t there, it has still happened, I know everybody will not forgive me, know I have not only tarnished China, but also shamed the fans, and harmed the person whom I most not want to hurt in my life. If I could choose, I would rather not have seen Heechul in my life, and thus would not have went to a place with him and harm him the way I did!!! I’m sorry to Heechul, sorry to everybody, I’m sorry!!!
To me, tonight was a time in my entire life that makes me most unable to forget that I am a sinner, it was the first time I was in a place with Heechul, yet I personally injured what I said I cherished in words, but in action, was a sinner who gave him a *”harsh” one
And as if the apology was not enough, the fan also posted a picture of her concert ticket in order to further attest and prove her claim that the person responsible for the act was indeed her and said,
Because there are many people out there who are apologizing for unknown reasons, I do not want others to take the blame for me, I shall now put out my concert ticket number.
Although the remorseful fan already issued a public apology through the internet, ELFs all over the world are still sad and upset about it and have left comments in various forums, fan sites and social networking sites for everyone to as much as possible, refrain such acts which are deemed dangerous, not only to the members, but also to fellow fans themselves.
Just today, fans were left disappointed again after all the not so good incidents that have happened to the group members lately, for while Super Junior’s 8 other members who are part of the sub-group Super Junior M have remained in the Chinese region to continue their promotions, it was reported that four Super Junior members Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung and Shindong have met another minor car accident on the way to the airport as they were about to live Shanghai for Korea because of a group of fans who were reportedly chasing them in vans to get a glimpse of them for the last time before they leave. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the aforesaid collision and the four boys were able to return to their homeland safely.
On the bright side, despite Heechul sustaining an injury from the LED fanboard that the fan threw on stage, the idol himself already forgave her, and assured everyone that he is fine, along with the request to be mindful that safety comes first in everything else.

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