Monday, March 7, 2011

Super Junior Requests Fans To Make Safety a Top Priority

Due to the latest incident which occurred in Super Junior‘s Super Show 3 Shanghai encore concert last Saturday night, the members have tweeted various requests, asking fans to be more careful next time around, not just for their safety, but for everyone’s as well.

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk, in a recent tweet said, “Super Show 3 in Shanghai!! It ended well. Again we were really the Super Junior who always come with the rain^^ Amazing right? See you in Taiwan!! I want to meet you quickly~~~^^/,” in order to thank everyone who came to attend the extravaganza for their unending support. However, he also mentioned about Heechul getting hurt and reminded fans once again to consider safety as the main priority during concerts and showcases for everyone’s benefit by saying:
“And again there was another car accident happened in Shanghai. Everyone was uninjured right? Please be safe and be a bit more careful. And please don’t throw powerful thing onto stage. Because members had been hurt..ㅜㅜTo prevent both of us (Super Junior & ELF) injured in the future, safety is the first!!,”

Following Leeteuk’s plea is another member Yesung, who also extended his gratitude to their fans in Shanghai while expressing his sincere thoughts on the matter by tweeting:
“Super Show 3 in Shanghai also ended very well ^^ But there is a sense of sadness*.. I really was surprised many times, and there were some accidents.. I really am thankful for all the love you have given us but let’s maintain some order for each other’s safety…”
This incident has indeed caused a lot of fans to worry, so Heechul, who was the member that was injured in the concert finally pushed everyone’s worries aside himself, reassuring fans that all is well after tweeting,
“Let this wound bring this(incident) to the end and let’s never let whatever things fly on the stage again. I don’t feel painful, pleased, angry and happy.. at anywhere.”
As for Heechul’s current condition, it has been reported that he was immediately taken to a hospital after the group’s arrival to Korea, and it has been found out that he was not injured severely after all. Let us wish a speedy recovery for the injured Super Junior member, and remember to always consider safety at all times, so as not to put any person, may it be an idol or a fan, in any form of danger in the near future.


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