Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hyun Bin and Song Hyekyo Officially Call It Quits

Yes, it’s official! After dating for more than two years, Hyun Bin and Song Hyekyo finally ends up in splitsville.
It can be remembered that the once lovely couple met as co-stars in the 2008 drama The World We Live In, and has started to date after the series ended when they discovered that they had mutual feelings for each other. However, on the 8th of March, representatives from both sides have issued an official statement to confirm the undying speculations that the two have indeed ended their relationship. The representatives further added that contrary to various rumors that the two have broken up a long time ago, the couple actually called it quits earlier this year. The main reason? Their busy schedules.
2010 turned out to be a pretty busy year for both stars, and they didn’t have that much time to keep the flame burning because of various filming commitments in and out of Korea. And to make matters even worse, the highly publicized break-up was revealed at the same time as the actor’s enlistment date, which happened on the same day. The representatives from Hyun Bin’s agency further added that they have kept the matter from the media and the general public up until recently in order to prevent the issue to blow out of proportion, before the actor concludes his activities and finally enlists.
Currently, the beautiful actress Song Hyekyo is filming the movie Today which is directed by Lee Junghyang, and Hyun Bin on the other hand will be doing his best to fulfill his responsibility as a male citizen of the Republic of Korea in the army for the next two years.

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