Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bosco Wong loves cross-dressing like his idols Leslie Cheung and Roman Tam

People say women are shopaholics, but in fact trying to look pretty doesn't just apply to women, men can also be the same. Bosco Wong's desire to look pretty doesn't lose to the FaDans, buying clothes his favourite. In the recent years, Bosco had a passion to cross-dress like a "yiu lam" (妖男). Roman Tam and Leslie Cheung, the two 'founders' are his idol.
Artists need packaging, rely on their clothing to show their image. In the last few years Bosco especially focused on his dress, shopping for clothes is important to him. Earlier when he came back from Mainland, he met up with rumored girlfriend Myolie Wu and went clothes shopping together. He said: "I personally really like it. I spent a lot of money on clothes, every season I spend approximately 6 figures. I don't like to eat, but I must buy clothes. I go online to search for the good stuff, even women clothing I can wear, as long as it looks good, I will buy it. I like to Mix and Match, I don't necessary need brand names, I like average priced clothing just as much."
Gor Gor (Leslie) the best 'cross-dresser'
Besides going online to get inspirations, Bosco also checks out foreign magazines. He really doesn't just like hot and handsome outfits, he likes to play with different tastes. Bosco said: "I have a high level of receptivity, can be hot, can be like a 'demon' (妖), I like to play with different types. Men often wears suits, but that's boring. So in the last year, I started cross-dressing. Besides liking to wear dresses, hairstyle and makeup should also be matching. I feel putting eyeliner on is pretty okay, but have to match everything. Roman and Gor Gor Leslie Cheung are the best at being crossdressers. When Gor Gor sang Too Hot, his hairstyle was best 'demon', went to the max."
Because Bosco likes to cross-dressing, some brands are especially attractive to him. He said: "The French brand Givenchy is my favourite of the year because their designs are amazing. They have a lot of leopard designs and some dresses for men. I already went crazy buying their whole season collection. Julius, is also a brand I really like. When speaking of his year's summer fashion, I feel shorts and leggings would be a good trend. It's a neutral type of dress."
Rent mini storage to put clothes in
Such a shopaholic, Bosco's house is naturally full of clothing collections, some he only wore 1 or 2 times and this gives him the biggest headache. He said: "In the last few years it really has been difficult for me because I have a mountain full of clothing. Some people outside of the industry may not have the courage to wear some of the clothes I have, so there is no way I can give them to friends. I have thought of selling them second hand, but some are too pretty, I'm not willing to. Liza Wang taught me a way, there is a mini storage below the business buildings that I could put my clothes in. I will consider this, otherwise no matter how many sqaure feet of space I have in my house, it will be useless."

Source: Singtao
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

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