Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ada Choi spends HK$7 million on a new home to welcome her baby girl

(New Single family home)
(Ada Choi and husband in their new home)

Currently 7 months pregnant and expected to due in May, Ada Choi, sold her 1,200 square feet Pictorial Garden home in Sha Tin for HK$5.5 million and profited over a million. Later she rented good friend's single family home in Fairview Park , and not long later her pregnancy exposed. Not sure if Ada felt that the Feng Shui was good, but despite the high housing prices now, Ada still risked it and entered the market. Recently she and her husband spent HK$7 million on nearly 1000 square feet single family home. The average price per sqaure foot is estimated to be HK$700. It is believed that she's buying a new house to welcome her soon to be born baby girl.
Yesterday the media spotted Ada in her car and waving to her neighbours near the new residence. After Ada went on her joy ride, she went back home and reporters approached her. Reporters congratulated her for becoming a home owner again, she couldn't cover up her pleasant mood and smiled. Asked if she bought the new house for her baby? She smiled: "I have nothing to say, bye bye now!"

Source: Oriental Daily

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