Thursday, March 10, 2011

Final U-KISS Member Revealed

Shin Soohyun has tweeted pictures of himself with both of the new members of his group, revealing the final new member of U-KISS. 20-year-old A.J (Kim Jae Sub) from PARAN is the final addition to the group.

Along with previously unveiled group member, Hoon,(Yeo Hoonmin) U-KISS is a complete group once more. One netizen commented on the picture, writing ‘welcome to U-kiss family Hoon and AJ! i cant wait to see u guys perform together!!
Although there was some controversy surrounding the sudden departure of Xander and Kibum, it seems the whole group has made an effort to embrace the new members. These new members will bring new flavors to U-KISS, and it’s hard to wait to see what kind of music this essentially new band will create.
Let’s cheer for them, and support the newly formed U-KISS.

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