Friday, January 14, 2011

Singer IU, transforms into goddess for riding game ‘Alicia’

The game ‘Alicia’ that’s gotten the nation hooked on horses has revealed images of their new model IU.
Ahead of the Ntreev Open, the photoshoot for IU as new spokesmodel for ‘The Story of a Horse and Me, Alicia' was released on the 14th.

As a model for ‘Alicia’, IU participated in a variety of concepts in order to best depict the new Alicia mascot. As the new face of the brand, the concepts of goddess and horseback rider will be used in all advertisements for ‘Alicia.’

IU herself visited Ntreev to take part in the game tests and even took horseback riding lessons. Soon, Ntreev plans on releasing a CF, music video, and OST with IU as ‘Alicia.’

IU will be an exclusive model for ‘Alicia,’ a game meant to familiarize people with ‘horses’ and ‘racing,’ and thus, set a new genre of gaming called ‘action riding.’ Gamers will get to travel through nature on horseback by jumping, gliding, and sliding and will get to experience the joys and triumphs of such a journey. Not only that, gamers will get to raise and care for their horse on a ranch, and will feel the satisfaction of getting to know horses better.

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Source: Sports Chosun
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