Friday, January 14, 2011

Dal Shabet’s Jiyul & Subin share stories about lice and ghosts

Dal Shabet’s Jiyul and Subin made their first variety show appearance on the January 13th episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3.

The girls previously headlined for having earned praises from MC Park Myung Soo, who’s known for being especially harsh towards idols.
Jiyul revealed a story from when she was studying abroad in England and stated that she scratched her head until it bled one day.  Her mother, concerned, found that she had lice in her hair, and quickly treated it.  Unfortunately, every time she’d come home from school, she’d get lice all over again, leading to Jiyul eventually giving her English friends proper treatment tips.
Although she thought they’d be offended, her friends fortunately accepted the gift and thanked her.
Member Subin revealed a story of when she spoke with a ghost in junior high school.  She began, “I was a model in junior high, so I lived in Seoul by myself.  I had a photoshoot the next day, but at 3 AM I got a call from my manager unni, and a ringtone, Lady Gaga’s ‘Stop Calling,’ began ringing.
She continued, “I picked up the call and all I heard was weird noise such as ‘nononononono.’  She then told me to bring my underwear, which models already know to bring on their own.  It really wasn’t necessary for her to make that call at 3 AM.  After time passed, I suddenly thought of what happened and got goosebumps.  My phone was actually on vibrate and I never once downloaded the Lady Gaga ringtone.”
Subin met with her manager the next day and asked her why she called, to which her manager replied, “I never called you.”
Subin then put the studio in shock by stating, “I picked up the call, but my phone didn’t have records of it.  It didn’t have an incoming record, and only had an outgoing record.
Source + Photos: Daily Sports via Daum, X Sports News via Daum, allkpop

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