Friday, January 14, 2011

IU’s brain is ‘all about Wooyoung’

A map of IU’s brain has become the center of attention.
Recently, a netizen uploaded onto an internet portal site a series of what they thought were the brain maps of the main characters on KBS2TV’s ‘Dream High.’

The netizen’s depiction of IU’s character’s brain being filled completely with thoughts of Jason (played by Wooyoung) has gotten many viewers laughing.

‘Jason ♡’ is at the center of her brain, and other than thoughts of ‘let’s lose weight,’ every other space is entirely occupied with thoughts of Jason.

Many netizens are showing lots of love for this comical depiction and leaving comments such as “I hope this gets used on an episode”, “Hot Trend IU’s brain is so cute.”

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Source: TVDaily,
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