Friday, January 14, 2011

LPG reveals “I’m Sorry That I’m a Nuna” music video!

 After taking a long break from the music scene, the five-membered LPG have finally made their comeback with a brand new song, “I’m Sorry That I’m a Nuna”!

On January 15th, LPG’s producer, dk, posted on his Twitter, “The music video of ‘I’m Sorry That I’m a Nuna’ (Lyrics by dk, Produced by dk/Minu) has been revealed. Please get them a lot of support!”, and directly linked his followers to LPG’s official MV.
It seems like the group went for a more conservative approach for this comeback, as the MV features the members dressed in comfortable, winter outfits while rocking along to the fun, trot beat.
Check it out below!

source allkpop

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