Friday, March 11, 2011

Kahi was hungry and happy during her dancing days

In a new interview Kahi talked about her days as a dancer. Even though she went through tough periods she still had a lot of fun and was happy because she was doing what she loved.
The interview started with Kahi talking about running away from home at twenty years old:

“…at that time I got the idea and was too afraid to think. I Haphazardly got on a train from Daegu to Seoul…”

Through Kahi’s perseverance and hard work she was cast in music videos and went on tour with famous artists once she made a name for herself as a notable dancer. Kahi’s usual routine when she first started dancing:

“…I would go to the practice room, clean and stay overnight to practice which was often repeated. I didn’t have money for the subway fare and could not buy rice. But, even though I was hungry I was happy. The struggling stage was more romantic you can say.”

Fans of After School know the group wouldn’t be the same without Kahi as the leader. What would Kahi be doing if she didn’t debut with After School?

“Before my debut with After School I was a part of the group S-Blush which disbanded…I was going to go study abroad and abandon being a singer and professional choreographer but a representative from my agency"
Source: Nate
Credit: AfterSchoolDaze

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