Friday, March 11, 2011

IU and Wooyoung Continues their Loveline Over the Radio

To all the fans of the infamous Dream High ‘Milky Couple’, we have discovered something just for you.

Recently, IU guested in Lee Sooyoung‘s radio show in KBS FM as part of her promotions for The Story Only I Didn’t Know. However, what seemed to be an ordinary guesting turned out to be a treat for all IU and Wooyoung fans who were tuning in to the aforesaid radio program that day, as the 2PM member surprised everyone by giving a surprise call.

To carry out his surprise plan, he especially pretended that he was her fan, and even went as far as dissing his own character in Dream High by saying that he disliked Jason, and told her not to keep in touch with him ever again, which made IU laugh. For more of the Milky Couple’s cute interaction, check out the rest of the English subbed video for yourself below!

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