Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Japanese ELF Shares Her Experience During The Earthquake

On March 11, 2011, a massive earthquake caused severe damage across Northeastern Japan and further led to a huge tsunami. Rarely do we see extreme disasters like this in our everyday lives. Luckily, there were many citizens who survived.

A Japanese fan girl of Super Junior who had experienced this disaster decided to share what has happened to her fellow ELFs.
She said,
” hi im an ELF from Japan
I would like to share my experience with international elfs…
(please warn me if this is inappropriate)
i live in tokyo, and despite the fact that the epicenter of the earthquake was in the northern part of japan which is pretty far from tokyo, the quake was violent here as well
the bookshelves collapsed and books fell flying to the floor in the library
many people couldnt get back home as all means of transportation froze
i had to stay at school for the night
in the area which was hardest hit, the tsunami swallowed and washed away small villages and many lost their lives because of it.
this area has just been hit by a large earthquake in 2008..
The damage is devastating everywhere, but especially in the northern part of japan
an 15 year old Japanese ELF lost her life in this tragedy.
She was a Donghae biased ELF.
I hope Donghae’s father will give her a warm, big hug in heaven…
and may her soul rest in peace
this is the biggest natural disaster i have ever experienced in my life
It happened all too suddenly
no one was prepared… it was too unexpected
the quake was…simply frightening
the ground was unstable and shaky, making it difficult for me to stand still
when i first found out that #prayforjapan was trending on twitter, it made me cry..
i felt the warmth of people’s heart
though i cant express my gratitude in words, i would like to say “thank you” to everyone around the world who was prayed for/feared for japan
we will stay strong and do our best to keep our heads up
fighting! “

Not just this girl, but all Japanese ELFs are very thankful to have the ELF family to support and pray for them.
Someone commented,
” ELF is all relative.
ELF is not only a fanbase, Elf is the family.
us together as Super Junior protect us.
we fought together.
we’ll always have each other when one of the ELF in distress.
together we were at the forefront, when SUPER JUNIOR in distress.
do not be sad / scared japanELF. we’ll always be together.
KEEP fighting “
 Not just ELFs are supporting the Japanese people, but many Korean idols and Hallyu stars who are spreading #prayforjapan. Just this one Twitter trend can make a huge difference to support all of Japan.

 Source: + Google Crisis Response
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