Saturday, March 12, 2011

Alexander Sends Heartfelt Goodbye to Kiss Me’s on Twitter

Previously, we revealed Kibum‘s personal interview after leaving U-KISS, and now Alexander finally breaks his silence about the matter.

Through his twitter account yesterday, he tweeted a message both in Korean and English for all of the group’s fans to read. So without further adieu, check out what Alexander has to say below!
Good morning everyone, this is Alexander. Long time no see. Thank you for waiting patiently during this difficult time.
As you all know, my departure from U-KISS has been official, and my contract with NH EMG has been terminated.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for all my beloved KISSme fans from all around the world for being my BEST support since my debut in U-KISS.
All of your love & support made me into who I am today, with all my achievements.
I know that my departure from U-KISS might be quite sudden and heart-breaking for most of our KISSme fans…
It is also heart-breaking for me to say goodbye to all of you. But I would say, I respect the decision of my company.
I would like to thank Mr. NH Kim (CEO of NH EMG) for giving me the opportunity to work as a member of U-KISS, and to thank all of my fellow NH EMG staffs for their care.
Nevertheless, I would like to thank my U-KISS members. During these 4 years, we played, we worked, we fought, we laughed, we cried… I have learnt so much from you guys…
Thank you so much for letting me be a big brother all these years… You guys are like real brothers to me… I’m sorry that I could not continue the journey with you guys…
But I will always be supporting you guys! All the best to your comeback. Hopefully one day we could once again stand together on the same stage… Love you all…
Although I have no idea what my next step will be, I will just humbly follow wherever the Lord leads me to.
Meanwhile, I would like to take a rest, do something meaningful, and upgrade myself.
Lastly, it was my honor to work for my beloved KISSme from all around the world.
I won’t say this is a goodbye. Hope to see you all again very soon as a new Xander.
Thank you so so so much & I love y’all always…♥
“Although we’ve come, to the End of the road, still I can’t let go…”♪ (Boyz II Men – End of the Road)
Though he has left the group, let us wish Alexander happiness and success in whatever endeavor he chooses to pursue, and the best of luck in the near future.

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