Saturday, March 12, 2011

Athena Co-Stars Seen Dating in Paris

‘Athena: Goddess of War’s‘ stars Jung Woosung and Lee Jinah were seen together walking the streets of Paris. The promenade was not an official scheduled visit, which leads us to question their relationship.

One fan, who had seen them together, commented: “Lee Ji-ah was with Jung Woo-sung with her hand inside of Jung’s coat pocket. They walked a street while looking around to check if anyone was looking at them, but they sure looked like they are dating.”
When Lee Jin Ah’s agency was contacted, they could not comment on the relationship. They said “Lee went for a trip to Paris with a couple of people she knows and will be back from Paris in two to three days. We will hear about what has been going on (when she comes back).”
The two played sizzling former lovers in the hit spy show Athena: Goddess of War. Did the chemistry on-screen manifest itself off-screen?

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