Saturday, February 19, 2011

TOP Has a Girl Look-Alike!

Big Bang‘s TOP meets his long lost twin via twitter…?

On February 17th, Kim E Na posted a photo of herself coolly posing with her new haircut and a pair of dorky eyeglasses on her twitter. As if worried of what fans might think, she proceeded to hilariously comment, “I took a photo of my manly haircut. It’s like a woman version of TOP…what do you guys think? I do not mean to insult TOP…”

To her relief, many netizens have left positive comments with “Oh it really reminds me a lot, I admit I admit!” “I wish I resembled TOP, it’s really a compliment” and a playful “You’ve really been haunting TOP!”
What do you guys think? Do they look similar?

Source:                                                                                 ​                                                   Written by: minah

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