Saturday, February 19, 2011

IU and SNSD’s Taeyeon Top List of ‘Idols With Best Vocals’

In a recent survey conducted by TV Report titled Idols with Best vocals, the “nation’s little sister” IU came first, ahead of SNSD’s lead vocalist Taeyeon.

The survey was conducted among 223 students from UVA and IU received a whopping 66.16% of the votes to take first place. It is hardly a surprise since she has shown her ‘3 octave vocals’ in various music programs, which expanded her legion of fans. Many praised her for her natural-born talent in singing, especially with such powerful vocal despite her young age.
SNSD’s Taeyeon came in second with 18.69% of the total votes. She proved her vocal skills through various solo singles she including Like A Star, I Love You on the original soundtrack of Athena: Goddess of War and the latest duet with Kim Bum Soo titled Different, which went on to top many music charts in Korea. Not long ago, the MR-removed version of I Love You was revealed in the Internet and it managed to garner huge attention due to her great vocals, which was more obvious with the music removed.
Wonder Girls’ Sunye took third place in the survey with 8.59% and her clear and delicate voice was heard again in the song ‘Maybe’ in the original soundtrack of the series Dream High.
Meanwhile, Luna from f(x) took fourth place with 5.05% while Jieun of Secret rounded the top five spots with 4.55% from the total votes cast.

Credit: TV Report
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