Saturday, February 19, 2011

INFINITE Wants to be Recognized Through their Music

Despite being relatively new in the business, the seven member Kpop boy group stresses that they don’t want to capitalize on their looks to get the spotlight, and that they prefer to be acknowledged by the general public through their music.

In an interview with the JoongAng Daily last month, Woohyun, a member of the group stated, “We have strived to foster the ability to create our own style out of any musical genre. That is our tactic to surviving the fierce competition.” It has also been revealed that they practice for 10 hours everyday in order to execute their dance moves properly on stage, even if it caused some of the members to get injured some time in the past.
The tough competition between idol groups these days in the music industry is apparent, and it is a trend to be active not just as singers, but also as entertainers, actors or actresses, hosts and also models. However, INFINITE breaks away from this inclination to concentrate better on their music. Compared to the usual set-up wherein idol groups are usually managed by an agency who also is also outfitted to manufacture other idol groups, they are managed by an agency who handles singers who are known for their raw talent such as Epik High and Nell.
After the release of their debut album First Invasion last June, the boys came back with a mini album containing 6 tracks entitled Evolution last month. Although they are famous for the “scorpion dance,” compared to other idol groups who are sweeping awards ceremonies and music shows with one win after the other, they are aware they are aware themselves that  they have to experience such things yet. However, they are getting ready to move on to another chapter of their career as they prepare for their Japanese debut.
In order to better prepare themselves for this new challenge, member L stated, “Moving into the Japanese market is sure to be a crucial turning point for us.” Furthermore, the other members who are also aware of the fierce competition between Korean idols who are crossing over to Japan added, “We started studying Japanese even before making our debut in Korea.”
The Japanese version of INFINITE’s Before the Dawn will be sang at a showcase in Tokyo on April 2, and it is said that this will mark their official entry to the Japanese market. 

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