Monday, January 17, 2011

The Wonder Girls secretly volunteered and donated for two years

The consistent charity work the Wonder Girls have been involved in has touched the hearts of netizens.
Since 2008, the Wonder Girls volunteered at an infants home in Gyeonggi-do, Kwangju. 

The home was created under the aim to create a safe environment for infants with disabilities to grow and learn. Although each of the members took part in the volunteer work, Ye Eun took a step further by personally donating $10,000 USD for the surgery of an infant born with a deformed finger. For six months after the surgery, Ye Eun continued to make contributions towards the child’s health. Thanks to her help, the child is now able to move her fourth and fifth fingers.
A representative of the facility commented, “The Wonder Girls members visited often for volunteer work, and Ye Eun even contributed towards surgery fees. The members themselves did not want their acts to be reported to the public, and requested that we keep it a secret.”
Sunye was also found to have donated to an orphanage in Gyeonggi-do, Paju. A representative of the facility revealed, “The members came for volunteer work. The fact that they did not even wear any make up while participating made them that much more beautiful. Sunye especially quietly did her work and shed many tears while looking after the children.”
This isn’t the first time Sunye’s done a charitable act. Earlier, she was reported to have helped out an old man living in a mud hut in the mountains, as well as several donations towards an orphanage in Eunpyung-gu.
Even while the group was busy with their U.S. activities in 2009, the girls continued their charitable acts. At the end of every year, JYP Entertainment artists visit the Samsung Medical Center for a free concert for the patients there.
A representative of JYPE confirmed, “It is true that Ye Eun donated. Not only Sunye and Ye Eun, but the other members take part in charity work as well. The members do not want this to reach the public, as they do these acts with pure hearts. It seems like they’re worried about people misinterpreting their intentions if such news reaches the public. The girls also do take part in the company’s year-end charity performances at the Samsung Medical Center.”

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate, allkpop

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