Monday, January 17, 2011

KARA’s “URAKARA” finds success + broadcast on Korean TV

Following KARA’s successful start to their new Japanese drama, ‘URAKARA‘, on January 14th, it was recently announced that the drama will soon be aired on Korean cable TV this coming January 28th.

Cable channel tvN will begin KARA’s 12-episode drama broadcast on the 28th at 8:30 PM KST under the name, “KARA’s Double Life”.
“KARA’s Double Life” illustrates a story about the girls transforming into spies, and they are given missions involving both virtual and reality dating. The members think of ways to catch the heart of a man, through which they gradually learn about true love and become perfect and charismatic top stars.
The first episode of “URAKARA” on January 14th received a viewer rating of 4% despite being broadcast at midnight. According to a representative in the Japanese TV industry, even receiving a 2% viewer rating at this time slot is a magnificent achievement in itself.
Source: Star News via Nate, allkpop

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