Monday, January 17, 2011

IU’s Promotional Events Interrupted Due to Health Deterioration

Because of health issues, IU‘s album promotion events are out to a pause.
IU’s management company recently stated,

“Conflicts and overlapping schedules for her album events and filming for the drama [Dream High] and variety shows are not doing any good for IU’s health. Always in the state of working and getting a cold recently, her body is under an extremely exhausted state. Even though it is a pity, but in order to avoid worsening her condition, [we have] no choice but to stop all activities for her new album ‘Real’.”
On the January 16th, the kpop starlet ended her round of events for her new album Real through SBS‘s Inkigayo. On the same say, IU released a video message on her official fanpage, saying “I am very grateful for everyone’s care for me. Even though it is disappointing right now, but I hope to return sooner.” IU has ended her activities for her new album two weeks earlier and will take this time to rest before resuming her filming schedule for Dream High.
We hope IU will get well soon! Stay tuned at KPopLive for more updates on IU’s condition, Kpop News, and Kpop Music News.
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