Saturday, January 22, 2011

Taecyeon, absolutely immersed in "Dream High". Reasonable and favourable reviews
2PM's member Taecyeon is receiving favourable praise through his appearance in the currently airing KBS 2TV drama "Dream High".
He debuted as an actor last year through KBS2TV mini series "Cinderella's sister". Currently through his main role in "Dream High" Taecyeon is establishing himself as an aspiring actor.
In "Dream High" Taecyeon plays "Jinguk", a lone rebel bearing a pain in his heart since his childhood, working hard in Kirin Art School in order to fulfill his dreams.
He satisfies the viewers with his character's excellent drama, his sharp eyes and the idol-like dance skills which he practices without any regret.
Taecyeon is receiving praise from the viewers as actor Ok Taecyeon because of his work attitude and efforts.

On the 22nd the drama officials have told to Money Today Star News: "Taecyeon is taking his job as actor Ok Taecyeon very seriously. His position as a top idol is steady, but at the drama shooting site he's no different from any other rookie actor."
Taecyeon is working hard to immerse himself completely into his drama character. He asks directly then through his Twitter whether his efforts are visible.
Recently he tweeted: "Jingukie clearly should really rebel. Why does he act so kind in a decisive moment? Hiding his hurt heart behind funny actions since early age, he's reallya lot like Jungwoo (Taecyeon's character in "Cinderella's Sister") who's loved one woman for his whole life."
Meanwhile the "Dream High" viewership ratings are on the increase.
Source: Nate | Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalway,

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