Sunday, January 23, 2011

KARA To Restart Activities With Drama Filming Next Week

Girl group KARA recently shook up the kpop world as it was announced that four of the members would be attempting to leave their current management company, DSP Entertainment. Despite the roller coaster of events, KARA’s future looks bright as they are set to reunite once again for their Japanese promotions.

With the strong support from kpop fans, KARA’s issue has been kept at a tame level. KARA’s Japanese popularity has only been growing since they debuted in early 2010 with their single, Mister. Now that this issue has come to the surface, fans are worried the girls will lose popularity as they deal with the case.
But luckily an agent from the case has reported that “the members want to work as five.” While no further details were revealed on their individual thoughts, it is rumoured that they will be holding a press conference to shed light on their thoughts.
The good news is that KARA is set to land in Tokyo, Japan early next week to begin filming their TV Tokyo drama, URAKARA. Despite being scheduled to arrive on the 22nd, DSP Japan allowed them a two-day “grace period”.
Meanwhile, member Goo Hara retracted her decision to leave DSP Entertainment.

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