Sunday, January 23, 2011

Heechul Renewed Contract with SM Entertainment

Kpop flower boy Kim Heechul had some good news to share on the latest episode of MBC Radio Star.
On the episode of the variety show on the 19th Heechul’s co-MC Yoon Jongshin expressed his curiosity about the news, asking Heechul, “I heard that you have good news.” To which Heechul revealed that he renewed his contract with his current company SM Entertainment.
Kim Gura went on to ask “Why is that good news?” Heechul responded with a bewildered expression, repeating, “It is good news.”
Yoon Jongshin expressed his jealousy, possibly getting the reason behind Heechul’s happiness, saying “Doesn’t it bring in a large sum of money?”
Do we hear a sigh of relief from ELFs and Kpop fans all over? Stay tuned to Kpoplive for more Korean Entertainment and Kpop Music News!

Source: Review Star,
Translation: hyoimieholic @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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