Saturday, January 22, 2011

Taeyeon gave her two cents about Korean Wave on SBS news

On January 22nd, SBS news reported on the ‘Digital Korean Wave‘ which is spreading far and wide beyond Asia.

Some of the featured video clips covered in the news include:
- Participants of a Brazilian beauty pageant last year dancing to Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’.
- Hundreds on Filipino inmates dancing to Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’.
- Female students in Chile performed a cover of SNSD‘s ‘Oh!‘ dance.
Kpop music videos are also being downloaded and viewed, even in countries with unfamiliar names such as Moldova, Malta, Mauritius, etc.
Google’s chairman, Seo Hwangwook said, “If the contents are good, many people around the world would see them. Since boundaries have no significance in this case, the Korean wave will spread far and wide”.
In the news, Taeyeon was also featured. The leader commented, “‘Please come and perform in our country’ – there have been a lot of such requests and so, our members too want to go overseas and meet our fans there”.
To watch the video clip of the news, go HERE!


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