Thursday, January 13, 2011

Park Jin Young Thinks IU is a Good Singer

Park Jin Young didn’t spare his praise about IU.Currently, Park Jin Young and IU are filming KBS 2TV drama, Dream High. Through the soundtrack of Dream High, Park Jin Young and IU are working together to make the soundtrack. Before, IU auditioned at JYP Entertainment but didn’t get accepted and their relationship as they’re working together is gaining a lot of attention.

Through this, IU and Park Jin Young are working together at a music studio for the first time. The reason was for Dream High‘s soundtrack.
Park Jin Young is currently producing the soundtrack for the drama and along with IU, other idol stars are in the drama as well.
After finishing recording with IU, Park Jin Young didn’t spare his praise about IU.
One of the staff said, “After Park Jin Young and IU worked together, he couldn’t stop praising her. He said that it’s hard to sing so well as she does at such a young age.
The staff continued by saying, “When it comes to music production, Park Jin Young is very picky. He’s very close to a perfectionist and it’s hard to see Park Jin Young praise someone like that.
Recently, IU was on a show and said, “I’m in a drama with Park Jin Young. We worked on the soundtrack first and I feel proud to be working with the president of the company that I auditioned for.
Source: Kim Hyung Woo @,
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