Thursday, January 13, 2011

GD&TOP vs. Seungri, Who Will Win?

Within a group, there are times when they work separately and at times together. This is the rule that comes with being in an idol group. Even though they’re one group under one entertainment, they all have different activities such as acting, going on variety shows, releasing solo albums, and etc.

Big Bang‘s member, GD&TOP and Seungri have both released an album around the same time, gaining many attention. Also, both albums don’t only have just one title song, but at least 2 in their newest album. It looks like the team members will be facing each other on stage.
On the 13th on YG‘s blog, Seungri released a teaser of his first solo album and have officially started his promotion. Through the clip, fans are able to see a manly side of him and a more mature looking Seungri. Fans will also see that his charisma has leveled since his promotion of Strong Baby 2 years ago. Although the mini album is set to release on the 20th, the fans are already getting excited and are patiently waiting for the full length album and the music video.
During December of last year, GD and T.O.P. released a unit album that surprised many of the fans. Since Big Bang debuted back in 2006, fans weren’t able to see just these 2 stars performing on stage. Many people in the KPop music industry didn’t see this partnership coming.
Along with 2NE1, they released the album with a triple title song and on the 9th on SBS Inkigayo, they won first place with the song, High High, and have been getting good feedback. If this continues on, many people will the same group members competing for first place.
This can be see as a world competition. Many are wondering who the fans will choose among these 2 competitors.
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