Thursday, January 13, 2011

G.NA Unveils MV Teaser for ‘I Miss You Already’ Featuring 2AM’s JinWoon!

Looks like WheeSung isn’t the only male idol collaborating with G.NA! CUBE Entertainment‘s solo singer, G.NA, just revealed the teaser for her new music video and it features none of than 2AM‘s maknae JinWoon!

G.NA’s comeback is right around the corner and to increase the hype even more, the music video teaser for her new track I Miss You Already was just unveiled! Just like DooJoon in G.NA’s I’ll Back Off So You Can Live music video, JinWoon will be playing G.NA’s romantic interest in her newest MV, and by the looks of it, the pair  will play star-crossed lovers.

Stay tuned to KPOPLIVE for more updates on G.NA and her impending comeback!

Video Source: royalgna2@youtube,
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Check out the teaser below!

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