Friday, January 21, 2011

J.Y. PARK delivers a great debut acting performance on “Dream High”!

CEO, producer, singer, choreographer, music director – J.Y. PARK has consistently stepped up to his reputation as Korea’s ‘jack-of-all-trades’.
He’s recently added ‘Actor’ to that formidable list of achievements, as the multi-talented entertainer took on his debut acting role through KBS 2TV’s “Dream High“.
J.Y. PARK currently holds a total of seven roles in this highly successful drama. Not only is he one of the main producers and actors of the show, but he also created exclusive music and choreography for the drama as well. As expected from a man who has a passion for the arts, J.Y. PARK said thatthe music and choreography I’ll be showing in the drama are not just made-for-public pieces; they’re creations made to lead the industry.”
This impressive combination of passionate acting and producing may have strongly contributed to the increase in viewer ratings for the show. Media analysts AGB Neilsen reported that the 6th episode of “Dream High” received yet another high viewer rating of 15.8%, which increased by 0.3% from the previous episode. It also ranked at #1 for its time-slot as well.
In “Dream High”, J.Y. PARK plays a teacher by the name of ‘Yang Jin Man‘, a person whose passion and zeal for his profession makes him one of the most respected teachers on campus. Sounds familiar? The parallels between the “Dream High” character and J.Y. PARK’s real-life accomplishments allowed him to deliver an impressive performance, one that’s earned him high praise from both netizens and viewers alike.
On the episode that aired on January 18th, J.Y. PARK seized the short scenes he had to really flesh out his character as a motivational teacher.
To prepare ‘Jin Gook’ (Taecyeon), ’Go Hye Mi’ (Suzy), ’Song Sam Dong’ (Kim Soo Hyun) and ’Kim Pil Sook’ (IU) for the upcoming fake showcase performance, ‘Jin Man’ decided to give them a dance tutorial and started with the basic ‘wave’. The dances became increasingly difficult, and viewers were absorbed in watching J.Y. PARK deliver his flawless moves with a convincing enthusiasm.
Still, some might argue that J.Y. PARK was only convincing in that scene because of his love for dance. That dismissive attitude was promptly shut down, after J.Y. PARK delivered a strong performance in his defence for IU’s character.
After seeing Kim Pil Sook hand in her resignation form at the staff office, Yang Jin Man confronted the agency director, ‘Mang Seung Hee’ and defended Kim Pil Sook vehemently. “Director Mang, right now you’re stepping on one child’s dream, and breaking off her wings.” He continued, “Pil Sook is someone with great wings and a kid who could’ve turned big. She might not be able to fly again.”
Viewers who watched the episode commented, “J.Y. PARK truly has legit presence in the drama” and “It was a scene where you could really feel J.Y. PARK’s sincerity.”
Although he’s confessed that he was quite nervous during the initial script-reading session, it looks like J.Y. PARK is coming into his own as a confident actor, and he’s displayed once again that he’s a creative force to be reckoned with.
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Source: Cyworld, Union Press, allkpop
Photo: Sports Chosun

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