Friday, January 21, 2011

CNBLUE’s Jungshin towers over miss A’s Jia

miss A’s Jia revealed a picture of herself hanging out with CNBLUE’s bassist, Jungshin, from the backstage of the ”20th High1 Seoul Music Awards.”

In the photo, Jia is seen standing nearly 2 hears shorter than Jungshin, gazing up at him in awe. Shy of the great height disparity between them, Jungshin smiles awkwardly down at her. Jia tweeted jokingly,
How’s the air up there!????? kekekekekekekkeke
Fans gushed elatedly with many comments, including “This is so cute!!! Jungshin is so tall! :)” and “Pretty Jungshin & Jia ! :)
Both of their groups won awards last night – miss A grabbed a Bonsang award, and CNBLUE nabbed the Rookie award.
Source: Jia’s Twitter (@missA_jia)

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