Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Despite contract conflict with DSP, KARA endorses for Japanese commercial Body

According to CRI online, Korean Female group KARA endorses for a new japanese commercial so to ease the stress for the reduction of events in Korea.
This month on the 26, many medias including Japan's <> have reported that recently TBC, one of japanese biggest commercial body, has chosen KARA as their models for their latest commercial. According to <>, this Commerical has been filmed before KARA's conflict with DSP. Due to this current dispute,it has causes some disruption in the release of this CF. However, they mentioned that this is the most difficult and crucial phase for all KARA members and they ought to help them a little.

This Commercial is going to be made into huge Outdoor advertising board and they will be placed at 7 main cities of Japan. TBC have specially printed "KARA Fighting/Gambatte!" on the board so to support our girls.

Taken from: CRI online.
credit dkpopnews
Translated by: dreamgal_91@KH.

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