Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dalshabet's Subin, chosen as a model for jeans, GV2 Jeans

It was revealed recently that Dal Shabet's youngest, Subin, has been chosen to be the model of GV2 Jeans, a popular jean brand.
GV2 Jeans is known for choosing the best bodies among entertainers, and now they have chosen the tall Subin, standing at 174 cm. 
In the yet to be revealed pictorial, GV2 staff comment on Subin, "She's so professional. She can give you a chic look, or a sporty look. She also has cute looks.
Another GV2 official commented on why they chose the youngster, "We chose Subin, despite her young age of 17, because she's very tall and looks mature yet still young. She really looks like a professional model. She makes the atmosphere of the pictorial very lively!"
Dal Shabet members are recently slowly gaining momentum in the entertainment world. Ah Young was recently chosen as a CF model for Volkswagen aswell.

Cr: Newsen, dkpopnews
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Translation By: *YANiPOPO* @ DalShabetLove

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