Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Suzy’s Tears for Her Lack of Acting

miss A‘s Suzy cried as she recalled the debate on her acting in KBS‘s Dream High.
From January, Suzy has been acting in Dream High, which culminated in the broadcast of the Dream High Special Concert, which showed behind the scenes of the drama.
After watching the NG scenes, she suddenly burst into tears because of the debate regarding her acting.
MC Park Kyunglim questioned Suzy, in which she responded “I lacked a lot”, as she could not continue. Giving small comfort the MC told her, “You seem to suffer a lot.” Suzy responded “I had a lot of emotions and feelings confusing me then.” Even after the situation was cleared up, her feelings weren’t. When asked “When was the hardest time?”, she responded “When my emotions were frustrated.” Her flowing tears shown by the camera brought attention.
We hope Suzy feels better, as we can see her acting skills grow in Dream High!

Source: Nate
Written by: yeji_kpop

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